The Mission

The mission of The House That She Built is to support workforce development initiatives in home building by generating awareness of the skilled trades to underrepresented communities.


The shortage in skilled trade workers is a growing crisis for the economy. (That’s how important the housing industry is!) Part of the issue is that children and parents are not aware of the vast opportunities for successful careers in home building. Many people still believe that a traditional college education is the only path to a prosperous future when that path can and should be determined by the unique child and their interests, skills, and goals.


• Cultivate curiosity about skill development and the trades by empowering discussion at the age where self esteem and identity are being formed.

• Educate children (and their parents and teachers) about the many careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and construction. 

• Embrace the opportunity and obligation to cultivate an industry that values diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

• Work together to help all underrepresented communities discover the in-demand careers within housing and the opportunities to do noble, important work.

• Incorporate the book into classroom activities that build awareness around the trades 


When posting or sharing  about the book and mission, please use these hashtags:

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